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Web 2 EU: Publication 2 Participation

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14:30 - 17:30



Boston University in Brussels
Boulevard du Triomphe 174
1160 Brussels

A broad panel of social networking practitioners discuss
how to weave your issues into the fabric of web 2.0
and gain influence through wider engagement.
  • From Facebook via Linked In to Twitter, more and more people
    are interacting professionally and politically online.
  • Major news vehicles are adding their voices to the blogosphere.
  • Companies and institutions are increasingly YouTubing.
  • Even Queen Elizabeth II is now using email.

And for the moment all you've got is a web site.
Your presence on the net is a billboard in a side street.
This seminar is designed to explore how your messages can leap
off that wall and mingle with the crowds where they congregate.

Panelists include:

  • Charles Crouch, eBusiness Lecturer at Boston University,
  • Helen Dunnett, a pioneer of Web 2 for the ECPA trade association,
  • Philip Weiss, internet entrepreneur and HyperThinker from ZN,
  • Mathew Lowry, the driving force behind the launch of Blogactiv,
  • And over the web, the UK's influential blogger and podcaster Neville Hobson.

Join us for an intense afternoon of presentations and discussions
on how to navigate today's information stream.

Places are limited by the venue so get your registration in now!
Only €60 (€90 for non-members).